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In Tasmanian Government schools, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (shortened to STEAM) education is defined as a planned, intentional, interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.

Education has a moral imperative to prepare learners for an increasingly globalised world in which technology is dramatically altering the nature of work and daily life. In this complex environment, connecting knowledge and skills across discipline areas is vital.
At Springfield Gardens Primary school we are very excited to be opening our own Maker Space ready for Term 2. This space will provide your child with a hands on experience to their learning.

Our school wide approach to STEAM provides all classes K-6 with a variety of STEAM related opportunities both in our school and on excursions. We will continue our visits to Bayview Secondary College and Cosgrove High School each term to engage in various STEAM projects. Our Prep and Kinder classes have their own Project Based learning Maker Spaces in their classroom and the 1-2’s have already planned their yearly outlines to include STEAM as part of their integrated units.
I am excited to watch STEAM grow and be part of our culture at Springfield Gardens Primary School. It is full STEAM ahead.