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The Support Program at Springfield Gardens

A feature of Springfield Gardens Primary is the inclusive culture at the school, where all students, and their parents feel valued, included and supported. Students with additional needs are fully included in classrooms across the school, and are supported in accessing classroom and whole school programs wherever possible, with highly skilled and capable support staff.

Support teachers work closely with classroom teachers, department and outside agencies in assessing, planning and implementing targeted programs for all students requiring support. Support teachers also meet regularly to co-ordinate, discuss and share strategies for maximising access to the curriculum for the students for whom we are responsible.

Students are actively encouraged to participate in whole school programs such as sports carnivals, excursions, cultural and wellbeing activities and performances. Parents of these students are actively encouraged to work closely in partnership with support staff and classroom teachers in supporting their children’s learning and providing deeper insights into their children, which informs programs at the school.