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At Springfield Gardens Primary School, our aim is to enrich our student’s lives by developing their understanding and knowledge in Numeracy. We maintain a deep understanding of the Australian Curriculum, its proficiencies and achievement standards. This is so that we can provide a whole school approach to our Numeracy program that aims to instil in students an appreciation of the elegance and power of mathematical reasoning. Springfield’s diverse approach to Numeracy ensures students are stimulated and challenged by engaging in meaningful and explicit learning situations.

Students at Springfield Gardens are exposed to all areas of the Mathematics curriculum through collaborative planning. Our scope and sequence for each year group is specific to the needs of the whole grade group and we have an emphasis on making sure content is differentiated so that all our students can engage. Springfield’s through lines of Number and Problem Solving in every classroom ensure students have an integrative mathematical approach to learning and problem solving, which can be applied throughout other areas of the curriculum. Teachers are also learners at Springfield Gardens, and as such, are involved in Professional Learning Communities. As a team they model explicit mathematical strategies to ensure students become numerate, whilst gaining an appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics.

The mathematics program at Springfield Garden’s Primary School is designed to continually improve the numerate understandings and skills of all our students. A strong foundation will also prepare our students to use mathematical concepts to assist them in their daily life as adults. To do this, teachers focus on making sure students are aware of their Key Learning Intentions. KLI’s at Springfield make explicit why students are doing an activity and always give purpose to their learning. Within our Key Learning Intentions, we allow students to engage with concrete manipulatives, pen and paper, flexible group work and abstract thoughts, so that every learning style and ability is catered for.

Finally, throughout the year, the mathematical understanding of each student is continually assessed for learning to ensure that each student at our school reaches their full potential. Teachers use a variety of assessment tools including; standardised tests, individual moderation, one-to-one feedback, open-ended tasks and developmental checklists. At Springfield Gardens Primary School our high expectations, quality teaching programs, engagement with families and systematic, whole school approach to Numeracy ensures all students become life-long learners.