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Respectful Relationships

At Springfield Gardens students learn to describe a wide range of emotions in appropriate ways and recognise feelings that can be warning signals of unsafe or uncomfortable situations.
They learn how to take responsibility for their own safety at school and at home.

Students learn to interact with others with care, empathy and respect and practise key social skills, such as co-operative and inclusive behaviours, sharing, expressing needs and feelings appropriately, negotiating, respecting others and making decisions.

Students can identify a support network of teachers, parents, peers and other trusted adults they can go to for help. Students develop skills in communication, negotiation, media literacy, help seeking and advocacy.

Students reflect upon a growing sense of who they are. They set simple goals and can identify areas that require improvement. They start to develop work habits and routines and learn the rules and procedures of working within a group. They are developing an understanding that there are different roles and responsibilities within teams. Students have an emerging sense of community and can describe key roles that people undertake within their communities.